CYO….Cook Your Own….A Very Foodie Weekend.

On Saturday night we had a delicious Korean meal at Shilla restaurant in East Perth. We arrived by boat, had drinks on the boat first, then went to dinner. Whilst some people might not like the idea of going out only to cook their own dinner, I love the concept, especially as with this type of food it is all prepared for you and is very quick to stirfry over the coals in the centre of the table. You can really relax and take your time over the meal. Actually, when I say coals, it was gas-fired lol, but the idea was there!

For entree we shared two dishes – yummy little pieces of flattened, marinated beef that had been quickly seared and then rolled around fresh enoki mushroom stalks and sticks of green capsicum. Really light tasting and refreshing. I have to tell you, I am NOT a mushroom fan. I eat it to be polite but I really don’t like it. Enoki are the exception – I really like them – because they don’t taste anything like mushrooms!!

Our other entree was a seafood pancake – quite like the ones you get in Japanese restaurants – very nice. Then for the main course we chose the BBQ option, and ordered chilli pork and marinated beef. It came with the little garnish bits of vegies as you can see in the photo, and also accompanying dishes of rice, pickled potato, bean sprouts and divinely spicy kimchee. We also asked for lettuce cups, and wrapped our morsels of cooked meat in these, with sauces and bits of the other goodies. The meat just melts in your mouth when you cook it like this.

Afterwards we had a couple of champagnes at The Royal, and then slept on the boat, to make a weekend out of it. On Sunday morning we had brekky at The Partisan cafe, in the same little cove (manmade) and as you can see below, it is jacaranda flowering season, which is soooo pretty for just a short time of the year. I had poached eggs with smoked salmon, served on potato rosti with a herb salad. Delicious.

Then after pottering around on the river for a few hours we had a late lunch at Zephyr cafe in East Fremantle, where I had the most divine lamb salad and of course, some more champagne!

All in all, a totally relaxing and very food-related weekend – although I didn’t cook any of it myself.

Happy Fooding!

Shilla Korean BBQ Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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